Thank You to All Participants in the 2021 Howe island Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics

Thank You to All Participants in the 2021 Howe island Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics:

On behalf of the Howe Island Ratepayers Association we would like to extend congratulations to all who participated in the Covid-19 vaccination clinics held on Howe Island in March and June of this year.

Many volunteers worked tirelessly together to provide older islanders and those with health issues a COVID-19 vaccine clinic on the island.  The first clinic was on 27th March 2021 and the second doses were administered on 13th June 2021.  We were ready to go but the timeline between being notified that vaccine was available and running the clinics was short for both events.  Most volunteers worked at both clinics and a few others joined for the second one to replace those who had other commitments on the second Sunday.

We wish to acknowledge the incredible contribution of many people who gave their time and energy to make the clinic a success.  The county ferry crew who held the ferry to ensure the vehicle with the vaccine was not delayed in getting to and from the island.  To Fire Chief Mike Quinn and the team of firefighters who cleared the Firehall of trucks, cleaned the floors and set up the clinic and then tidied up afterwards we offer a heartfelt thank you.  To Marg McReynolds who as a long-time resident of island is a tireless advocate and consummate nursing professional who liaised with Public Health and the team of the volunteers and led the health care team of vaccinators.  The outside volunteer crew were immensely cheerful and helpful in pre-screening for COVID-19, parking cars, and helping people walk to the Firehall west door.  To Holly and Phil Doughty, Jay Medves, Murray Holtom, and Bill Worona – thank you.  Firefighter Emily Wood-Quinn spent all day helping those who had been vaccinated get back to their cars and Mike Quinn for his car park management that meant islanders had a short walk.  Mae Squires and Larry Quinn ran a mobile clinic that went door to door to those who are house bound.  Thank you to them for volunteering as we were able to vaccinate islanders who would not be able without great difficulty to go attend the clinic at the Firehall or to go a clinic in Kingston.

Registration was managed superbly by Natalie and Kim Nossal who checked health cards, email addresses and contact information and helped islanders fill in the extensive consent forms required by Ontario Health.  Shelley Anthony joined the team for the second clinic.  Volunteers Jo Beaty, Judy Mundell, Barb Worona, Shelagh MacDonald, Debbie Nesbitt, and Rick Doyon escorted volunteers, helped them change into medical masks, cleaned furniture, and monitored people post immunization.   

Finally, the immunization team Marg McReynolds, Mae Squires, Deb Holtom, Pauline Chamberlain, Veronica Mohr, Jeremie Hurtubise and Mark Lawler whose professionalism and reassurance to islanders was exemplary and ensured everyone was safe and comfortable with their vaccination experience.  

Thanks also go to the staff at KFL&A Health Unit who provided all the supplies and logistic support to ensure islanders information was put into the Ontario Health database and they received their vaccination certificates.   The main difference between the first and second clinic was the weather cooperated in June while the March event was very wet and cool.


Gary Johnson, HIRA Chair , Jennifer Medves, HIRA Vice-Chair


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