Reinstate the Frontenac Howe Islander Vehicle capacity

The Howe Island Ratepayers Association has started a petition regarding the Frontenac Howe Islander Ferry and the recent change to its capacity.

Our intent is to present the list to government officials.

We are planning a Town Hall meeting in the near future to discuss the issues and possible solutions to this problem.

The HIRA committee plans to go door to door on the island to collect signatures in the coming weeks.

The petition can also be signed online at

Please ensure you only sign your name once either on paper when we come knocking or at the link shown here
Please take the time to sign the petition and show your support.

 The petition is reprinted here for your reference

  Reinstate the Frontenac Howe Islander Vehicle capacity

HIRA Member services started this petition

Ferry Petition for The Frontenac Howe Islander ferry

The Frontenac Howe Islander ferry services the Howe Island community on the St. Lawrence River east of Kingston Ontario.

The ferry is beyond its expected service life and is experiencing unacceptably increased downtimes due to a variety of mechanical issues. Most recently the capacity on the Howe Island County Ferry the Frontenac Howe Islander has been reduced from 15 cars to 10 cars in response to an order issued by Transport Canada, despite the fact that the ferry has operated at a 15-car capacity for the last 18 years.

We, the undersigned, consider the decision to reduce our ferry capacity by 1/3 to be arbitrary and unacceptable. We want the ferry capacity restored to 15 cars immediately. Failing that, we petition for a new ferry with a larger capacity.

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