Mission Statement

Mission Statement

As a Community Association, our mission is to build community by sharing information, promoting activities and fostering civic involvement, all with a view to the Preservation and Improvement of the Howe Island quality of life and quality of public services.  HIRA supports the orderly and sustainable development of Howe Island in a manner to preserve and enhance the value and lifestyle of the residential, rural and agricultural aspects of Howe Island.

Membership Advantage

As a member of the HIRA Community Association, you are a vital part of a collective community voice on important issues, positive or negative, impacting Howe Island. Through HIRA, our elected representatives can be made aware of your views on such issues in a timely manner.

HIRA Community Association Web Site

We encourage you to use this Web Site as your gateway to the local community, to the Internet and to provide HIRA information and feedback on important issues affecting the Howe Island Community. We welcome your suggestions and questions.