HIRA Web Site Photos 2021

HIRA Web Site Photos 2024


Would you like to share some of your favourite Howe Island Landscape Photographs with other islander via www.howeisland.org our official HIRA web site?


In the interest of privacy the photo should not identify individuals, addresses or licence plate numbers as they will could end up on the site which is open to the general public. This means that anyone anywhere in the world will be able to see the pictures. They will not be able to modify or change the photos on the site but they will be able to copy them.


There are pictures on the Gallery page as examples. Other ideas for the photos are as follows:  (pictures of ferries, wildlife, barns, agriculture, sunsets, sunrises, trees, gardens, marsh, and ice) Just to name a few. The pictures must be delivered as an attachment to the following email address photos@howeisland.org .  The pictures should be in landscape mode and we may have to crop them to use them on the site as they all have to be a similar aspect ratio.


You must be the owner of the picture to submit it to HIRA.  Once the photo is submitted you relinquish the copyright of the picture to HIRA.