HIRA ferry petition update November 3, 2022

Director of Transportation Services County of Frontenac Rob Dillabough posted an update on November 3 2022

Good morning,

To follow-up from my message yesterday, Kingston and the Islands MP Mark Gerretsen presented the petition to Transport Minister Omar Alghabra in the House of Commons late yesterday afternoon.

To see video of Mr. Gerretsen’s remarks CLICK HERE.

The text of the petition as presented is as follows:

Petition to the Minister of Transportation, the Hon. Omar Alghabra

Whereas, Howe Island in the Township of Frontenac Islands (Ontario) is serviced by Frontenac Howe Islander Ferry (the “Vessel”);

Whereas, Howe Island has been serviced by a ferry since at least 1898 and without incident by the current Vessel since 2004; 

Whereas, as a result of an inspection by Transport Canada, the capacity of the ferry has been reduced by one-third a decrease of 15 cars to 10 cars), resulting in longer wait times, increased vehicle idling and reduced commerce for Island residents;

Whereas, the Vessel is owned by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and operated by the County of Frontenac;

Whereas, the Vessel owner will require time to make modifications to Vessel in order to meet Transport Canada requirements;

We, the undersigned residents of Howe Island, in the Township of Frontenac Islands (Ontario) call upon the Minister of Transportation to work directly with the Vessel’s owner to develop a reasonable plan of action and time frame for adapting the Vessel and further, in the interim, that the Vessel’s capacity be re-instated. I will update you with any new information on this when it becomes available.

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