HIRA Briefing Note- Oct 10, 2020

Our HIRA executive hope that you and your families are enjoying Thanksgiving.

We have some important news to share with you.  Our Chairman Bill Robertson has resigned from HIRA.  He and his wife Sherri have moved off the island to Kingston.  Bill did a great job as Chair.  He has been instrumental in getting HIRA back on track to be the Community organization that is needed on this island. He helped to ensure that all our legal requirements were met and up-to-date.  He also reached out to the community with new endeavours such as our very successful pancake breakfast and our communication briefing note that is now reaching over 250 email addresses.  Our executive team wanted to recognize Bill for his contribution to HIRA with this token of our appreciation on behalf of all of our members

Your HIRA executive also wanted to recognize another of our long time board members our treasurer Peter Tucker. Peter has ensured that our financial affairs are in order and that our organization is financially sound. He has been instrumental in keeping the team on track bringing excellent judgement and wisdom to our discussions. We also gave Peter this token of our appreciation on behalf of all of our members. Peter and Debbie have also moved to Kingston so we are looking for a new Treasurer. 


HIRA (howeisland.org )  PLEASE NOTE: If you are a member of HIRA, thank you for your support. If you are not a member, please consider joining at $10 per year and $100 for life. Yearly membership dues are due on January 1 of each year. If you have paid, thank you. If you have not paid, please send or deliver a cheque payable to HIRA to one of our Directors or place a cheque into the HIRA mailbox at the roadside at the Township Office  

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