This is a brief note to HIRA members and other residents of Howe Island

about the Township of Frontenac Islands regular council meeting held on

Monday May 8, 2023. The public was provided with Zoom access to the

regular meeting.  A number of our HIRA directors monitored the meeting

Only matters of particular interest to Howe Island residents are highlighted here.

Township Council Meeting- May 8, 2023 – Agenda Items pertaining to Howe Island

If you are interested in reading any of the reports listed in this Briefing Note, please go to Township Website

Township of Frontenac Islands  -> Past Minutes and Agendas-> File Folder 2023->Township of Frontenac Islands Council – 8 May 2023


Summary of Proposed changes to the Provincial Policy Statements

These discussions covered a lot of information. Council received these packages in advance so there was no formal presentation, mostly a review, and Q & A.

The staff comments are listed in the package are very helpful to comprehend the new provincial policy changes.  There were 4 main areas;

Agricultural Policies, Settlement area Expansions, Housing and Residential, Natural Heritage

The report is on the Agenda, Planning, 6 b)

Frontenac Islands Proposed Planning Application Fees Changes

The council received these as information.  The mayor requested a separate meeting for further discussion and possibly a public session.  It was suggested the township are not charging enough fees for services to support cost recovery.  This proposal would move toward a user pay system.  Currently, the difference between the fee and the recovery costs are being fulfilled through the tax base.

The reports are on the Agenda, Planning 6 c)


Bylaw 2023-19; motion was carried by a 5-0, to repeal By-law 2022-27. All no parking signs will be removed from Lighthouse Lane.

Delegations – Alison Healey from Howe Island

Request for priority boarding on the County Ferry to Howe Island for: Personal Support Health Care Workers, Patient Transport vehicles, and other identifiable emergency, and non-emergency health care personal, providing prescribed and necessary health care to the residents of Howe Island.

This practise currently exists on Wolfe Island.  All councillors and the mayor supported this request for Howe Island, however since the County ferry is operated by Frontenac County; this has to be supported by the County, and would require a change to the Frontenac County by-law.  The Interim CAO and Alison Healy will put together a proposal to present to Frontenac County Council. 

The mayor suggested the practice could be implemented at the Township Ferry (East) since Howe Island Township operate this ferry.  This request was received as information only; no motion was put forward.

Staff Reports

Short Term Rentals

There were differences of opinions from all councillors on how to proceed on Short Term Rentals.  The interim CAO was asked to put together a report identifying how other townships are handling issues with STR’s. 

The sample survey presented by interim CAO for distribution will not be circulated at this time.

The mayor felt a survey would indicate the level of interest in STR issues.  There was disparity between the two Howe Island councillors regarding how much of an issue this is on Howe Island.

The Mayor and Councillor Saunders identified STR’s are a very difficult issue which many townships with waterfront access are confronted with; issues such as inappropriate behaviour, not respecting private property, garbage and recycling, late night noise, etc.

There were discussions on licensing fees, and guidelines versus bylaws

Staff will be requested to acquire more information on how other townships have proceeded with policies.

The report and survey are on the Agenda, Staff Reports, Item 10 – CAO/Clerk a)

Howe Island Ferry Building (East)

The original ferry building plans were scrapped in January 2023 and the entire process was resumed in February 2023.  There was discussion regarding the addition of a public washroom, but this was not approved by council.

A motion was established; and passed to accept the two reports, in addition to the draft RTF.  The township will move forward and publish for tender with the deadline of July 3, 2023. 

The reports are on the Agenda, Staff Reports, Item 10 – Fire and Rescue b)

Statements by Council Members

Mayor – Public Budget Meeting on May 11 on Howe Island; will have to pull from reserves to support 700K deficient in Public Works; the Township needs new sources of revenue.

Councillor Saunders – Still need to push for support by all levels of Government for assistance for the Howe Island Ferry issues.  


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