This is a brief note to HIRA members and other residents of Howe Island about the Township of Frontenac Islands regular council meeting held on Monday April 8, 2024. Note to report on the May 13, 2024 Council meeting will follow soon.



Only matters of particular interest to Howe Island residents are highlighted  here.


Tribute to Jim McReynolds:

The meeting was opened with a moment of silence to mark the recent passing of Jim McReynolds, a long-time Howe Island resident. As a tribute to Jim, Mike Quinn provided a summary of Mr. McReynolds many contributions to the community of Howe Island which included his work with the Island’s volunteer fire department and his contributions to parish life at St Philomena’s Church.


Jim will be dearly missed by his extended McReynolds family and the many friends he made over the years on Howe Island.


Howe Island Recreation Committee:

Howe Island resident, Sonia Cliffe, made a presentation to Council on behalf of the Howe Island Recreation Committee. Ms. Cliffe outlined a number of events the Committee proposes to stage over the summer and fall of 2024.



Planned events include:

  •  Coffee club / Farmer’s market

Coffee and condiments will be available at the municipal administration building, 50 Base Line Rd, on Saturday morning between 10 a.m. – 12 Noon. A donation jar will be available to allow residents to contribute  to operating costs. Council consented to the use of the administration building on Saturday mornings for the coffee club.


Council also consented to Ms. Cliffe’s request that Island residents be allowed to conduct a Farmer’s Market using the municipal parking lot and adjacent lawn between 10 a.m. – 12 Noon to sell locally grown meat, produce, crafts etc. Participants will need to provide their own tables & chairs and will be required to clean up after themselves at the conclusion of each market.


  • Movie nights to be staged on designated weeknights through the summer. Seating will be provided in the municipal building parking lot. It is anticipated that movie nights will begin in July.
  • Howe Island History Day

Sunday July 14 at the Parish Hall. Detail to follow from the Recreation  Committee.

  • Dance at Parish Hall

Expected to be staged late September or early October. Details to follow from Recreation Committee.


Staff Reports:


Public Works Report No. PW-002-24: 

Subject: Howe Island – NG911 Fuller Road Report

Fire Chief, Mike Quinn, reported on a proposal to clarify and rationalize street names and 911 addresses for properties located in the Fuller Road area. The proposal was a collaborative effort between Emergency Services staff and residents in the area. Council received the report for information.



Public Works Report No. PW-004-24, Howe Island Purchase of Mowers:

After conducting an RFP process for grass mowing for township properties, Council has decided to bring this function “in house” and to use Township staff, rather than outside contractors, to cut grass on township properties.


As a consequence, Council has directed staff to complete the purchase of two (2) mowers to be used by Howe Island public works staff. Total cost for the machines is $21,254.17.



Verbal Update Howe Island Township (East) Ferry:

Mike Quinn provided a verbal report to Council on the types of constraints that limit the ability of the Township (East) ferry to expand its service levels when the County (West) ferry is taken out of service unexpectedly.



Funding for the Township ferry is provided pursuant to a service agreement between the Township and MTO. The service agreement governs staffing levels, hours of operation etc. Fire Chief Quinn advised Council that any significant expansion in Township ferry service will require the Township to negotiate an expanded service agreement with MTO.



Finance Report No. FN-001-24:

Council received the 2023 Petition for Subsidy from the MTO for the Township (East) ferry. The total subsidy amount for 2023 is $516,942.24.

Council approved the amount, subject to a review to be completed by the 

Township Treasurer to ensure all staffing costs for 2023 have been captured in the amount of the petition.


Following approval by the Treasurer, the petition will be submitted to MTO to receive the final 2023 payment due.







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