This is a brief note to HIRA members and other residents of Howe Island

regarding the Township of Frontenac Islands regular council meeting held on

Monday June 12, 2023. The public was provided with Zoom access to the

regular meeting.  A number of our HIRA directors monitored the meeting

Only matters of particular interest to Howe Island residents are highlighted here.

Township Council Meeting- June 12, 2023 – Agenda Items pertaining to Howe Island

Please Note – Council meetings now commence at 4 p.m.

If you are interested in reading any of the reports listed in this Briefing Note, please go to Township Website

Township of Frontenac Islands  -> Past Minutes and Agendas-> File Folder 2023->Township of Frontenac Islands Council – 12 June 2023

Frontenac Islands Pre-Application By-law – County Planners – Agenda, Planning, 6a)

The purpose of the report was to present the draft, of the proposed new Pre-Application Consultation By-Law that will apply to anyone looking to submit a planning application. An updated by-law is required to ensure that the Township’s review process complies with the requirements of Provincial Bill 109, More Homes for Everyone Act, 2022. 

This report is very detailed with comprehensive information but is a useful and helpful read for anyone submitting a planning/zoning application.  This was passed by council 5-0.

Budget Presentations 2023 – The reports are on the Agenda under Item 7, Presentations

Items of Interest to Howe Islanders are the following:

Cover Presentation 2023; Budget report- General Administration; Howe Island Budget information including Building, Culture and Recreation, Ferry, Fire, Recycling, Roads and Waste.

Bylaws – Agenda Item 8 -The bylaws listed below for the Corporation of the Township of Frontenac Islands were given 3rd and final reading and passed by 5-0.

2023-23 -Scott Kerr appointed as Treasurer

2023-24 – Lisa Moore-Hughes appointed Deputy Clerk/Administrative Assistant

2023-25 – Troy Gilmore appointed as CAO (Chief Administrative Officer with the dual role of Board of Works Manager

2023-27 – Grant Schwartzentruber, Mike McKean and Margaret Lawson appointed building inspectors

2023-30 – Onetime levy of $500.00 for Howe Island – all properties 

2023-31 – Planning applicants must consult with Township prior to submitting planning applications 

2023-32 – Vanessa Latimer appointed as a part time clerk for Howe Island

Staff Reports – Item 10

Howe Island Road Report by Mike Quinn, Agenda Item 10b

There is a chart on this report that identifies the what, where and timeline for road improvements on the island.

Howe Island Township Ferry -Agenda Item 10c

The Township of Frontenac partnered with Keys Employment Centre to recruit Township Ferry Operators for the 3-car ferry. The application period closed June 9, 2023.   Approvals from Transport Canada were obtained to conduct the necessary training “in house” using a private instructor approved by “Transport Canada”. Keys Employment Centre offered some incentives to qualifying successful applicants. An 8-hour course will be delivered on Howe Island. This will include classroom learning and practical exercises which will also include Marine CPR and First Aid.

Township Ferry hours have been adjusted due to the manpower shortages and will resume to standard hours after the individuals are fully trained.

General Report from Mike Quinn

Township Ferry area has been cleaned up and dock installed.

Trail – regular grass cutting is taking place and the low-lying branches will be trimmed.

Paddy Norris Park – wind nets have been put up on the courts by volunteers; the baseball field has been weeded and the landscaping has been graded; the blocked ditches have been opened.  There will be portable toilettes for 2023; the septic and water for the washroom facilities have been put on hold.

Roads – work with council to secure funding for road work; regular roadside grass cutting and shoulder grading and opening the blocked ditches have taken place. 

Frontenac Howe Islander Ferry Review, Agenda Item 10e

REPORT NO. A-23-15: As per Council request, staff requested prices from two marine engineering consultants regarding the 3GA Marine report on the safe evacuation of the Howe Islander.  Only one firm, E.Y.E. MARINE CONSULTANTS responded with a quote of $2100.00, and their quote included the following:

“This job will include but not necessarily be limited to the following: · Read through the report · Review report recommendations and all relevant Transport Canada regulations · Based on our professional opinion, write a written response to the report.”

Note:  Councillor Ackley volunteered to pay for the $2100.00 for this service.

Howe Island Township Ferry (East) – Priority Boarding Agenda Item 10F

All Howe Islanders should read this staff report as it pertains to upcoming changes regarding priority boarding for emergency services, health care, school buses and other priority boarding possibilities. 


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