HIRA Briefing Note February 10, 2021

Township of Frontenac Islands Council Meetings February 2021

Special Budget Review Meeting

The agenda and attachments can be found here:

Special Budget Review Meeting February 4, 2021

Council held a special budget review meeting on the afternoon of February 4, 2021 to review various departmental budgets and to give feedback to staff.  Council had directed staff to aim for no more that a 4% increase.  It should be noted that a 4% tax increase equates to an increase of $60000 revenue for the Township.

Two items of interest to Howe were the fire dept budget and the roads budget. 

  1. Chief Quinn noted the need to build the reserve fund in order to ensure timely replacement of fire vehicles (in order to maintain insurance coverage and meet the requirements of the Fire Marshall fire vehicles must be replaced based on age of the vehicle).
  2. Main items on the roads budget are the upgrading of North Shore Road.

As the budget process proceeds HIRA will provide further updates.

Township of Frontenac Islands Council Meeting February 8, 2021

The agenda and attachments can be found here:

Council Meeting February 8 2021

Issues of relevance to residents of Howe Island

  1. By laws – still working on some amendments to the bylaw for trailers on vacant land to be discussed again next month
  2. Delegation for Community Tree Planting on Frontenac Island looking for $3300.  To plant trees on public and private property on Frontenac Island, mostly on Wolfe Island maybe some on Howe.  Dennis said they would discuss at next budget meeting maybe give $1000-1500.
  3. There are still no funds for the upgrades to Pat Norris Park as we are waiting for Federal Government also looking for funding from the Municipal Modernization Program joint submission with Frontenac County.
  4. Township also supports the KFL&A Health Unit concerning regional reopening like before Christmas – letter sent to Doug Ford.
  5. Roads:  North shore Construction, Spithead surface treatment, Library and office repairs, Trail Maintenance and Baseline Road.
  6. Bruce Higgs asked to extend road repairs to Goodfriend Drive, however all repairs are waiting for budget approval.
  7. Jarda Zborovsky, Councillor for Wolfe Island District is conducting a survey on broadband speed for both islands for all the providers on islands and the towers on both islands.  It was suggested HIRA may be able to help to get different areas and service providers on island to do a speed test.
  8. Bruce Higgs asked if a hot patch will be used to fill the potholes in the road. The answer provided was that plant that produces the tarmac may not be open; if not a cold mix will be used.


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