HIRA Briefing Note December 3 2020

You are invited to attend the HIRA Howe Island Ratepayers Association 

Anual General Meeting Thursday December 10 2020, at 6:30 PM.


This meeting will take place on Google Meet which is similar to Zoom. You will be sent the call in details via a separate note which you should add to your calendar. We will open the meeting approximately 10 minutes before start time. Only members of HIRA will be able to vote during the meeting.

Agenda for 2020 Annual General Meeting of HIRA


1.   Welcome

2.   Adoption of the Agenda

3.   Adoption of the Minutes of the HIRA 2019 AGM below this note

4.   Treasurer’s Report

5.   Membership Report

6.   Introduction of Current Board – Jim Mills Chair, Jennifer Medves Vice Chair,  Gary Johnson Treasurer, Sue Byrne  Secretary,  Directors – – Andy Hathaway, Brian Humphrys,  Bill Worona,  and Murray Holtom

7.   Proposed for re-election: Jim Mills, Sue Byrne , Andy Hathaway, Brian Humphrys,   Bill Worona, Jennifer Medves, Gary Johnson,  and Murray Holtom

8.   Nominations from the Floor

9.   Voting for the Slate of Directors

10.   Recap of the Past Year

11.   Questions

12.   Motion to Adjourn

Howe Island Ratepayers Association (HIRA)

 Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes

St. Philomena’s Church Hall

 September 12, 2019

Following a presentation by Dr. Kieran Moore on Lyme Disease, Bill Robertson, President, opened the AGM at 9:00 pm. There were approximately 70 people present. 

Bill Robertson welcomed those present to participate and emphasized that HIRA was a community-oriented organization. HIRA would continue to sponsor speaker topics. Members were also encouraged to participate in the Terry Fox Run taking place on Howe Island during the upcoming weekend. Members were encouraged to register or renew their HIRA membership. The membership year is from January 1 to December 31.

Agenda: Accepted – moved by Andy Hathaway, seconded by Jim Mills.

Minutes AGM October 11, 2018: Accepted –  moved by Peter Tucker, seconded by Jim Mills.

Treasurer’s Report – Treasurer, Peter Tucker, provided an update: revenues of $1410. expenses of $1023.37. The expenses were mainly for management of the Website, hall rentals and printing of brochures.

HIRA ended the year with a bank balance of $5,329.51 June 30 2019.  This consists of an Operating Fund balance of $3,899.56 and a Pancake Breakfast Fund balance of $1,429.95. The Pancake Breakfast Fund balance will be used for recreation projects on Howe Island.

Membership – Membership Coordinator, Andy Hathaway, indicated that there are 111 paid members and 224 e-mail addresses on the distribution  list for correspondence such as the HIRA News Brief.

Executive Nominations – Bill Robertson, President, introduced the current Board Executive Members who would stand to be re-elected: 

Andy Hathaway, Jim Mills, Peter Tucker, Brian Humphrys, Bill Worona & Bill Robertson.

There were two new HIRA board nominees: Jennifer Medves & Sue Byrne.

As there were no nominations from the floor, the vote was unanimous and a new slate of eight HIRA Executives were appointed for 2020.

Past Year Accomplishments – Bill Robertson reported that HIRA’s efforts this past year were primarily focused on the effect of the record high water on island transportation and road maintenance.

HIRA Initiatives included: Municipal All Candidates Meeting, Pitch-in Campaign, HIRA Blast Briefing Notes, Pancake Breakfast, 2019 AGM presentation on Lyme Disease, Representation at Township Council Meetings on Howe Island & Wolfe Island.  Monitoring Township Council Meetings, Appearance before County Council on the limitations posed by the current MTO Ferry system & to advocate for a new & substantially improved means of transportation for Howe Islanders.

Note – specific issues raised @ the County & Township include but are not limited to the following — High Water & Howe Island Residents, Ferry Capacity, Ferry Drive System, Ferry Maintenance Scheduling, Ferry Shut-down Notices, Ferry Stand-by Staffing, Road Conditions & Repairs, Security Lighting, Ferry Traffic Cameras, Garbage Pick-up Schedule & Recycling, Road Signage,

2020 Focus – County Ferry Drive System, Ferry Maintenance Scheduling, Ferry Shut-down Notices, Stand-by Staffing, Security Lighting, Road Maintenance

Continuing Initiatives – Pancake Breakfast, Pitch-in Campaign, HIRA Blast Notices,  

Meeting was Adjourned at 9:30 pm, moved by Peter Tucker, seconded by Jim Mills.


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