HIRA Briefing Note December 15, 2020

This is a brief note to HIRA members and others on the Township of Frontenac Islands Council meeting held on Monday, December 14, 2020 on Howe Island. The public was provided with a Zoom call-in number. A number of our HIRA directors called into the meeting. Only matters of particular reference to Howe Island are highlighted here.

BY-LAW NO.   2020 – 29

By-law to Regulate and Govern the Use of the Lands known as the Howe Island Trail. The by-law was passed to prohibit motorized vehicles on the trail. Staff was asked to come back to council with a plan on how to control access. Mobility scooters will be allowed.

Draft By-law

The Council of the Corporation of the Township of Frontenac Islands receive for later consideration the draft By-law to Prescribe Standards for the Placement of Shipping Containers.

Agreement with Central, North and South Frontenac

Township entered into joint agreement with Central, North and South Frontenac to use the South Frontenac as Building Code administrator as an enforcement agent for building code for sewage systems 

Report to Council from Fire Chief Mike Quinn and Fire Chief Tim Hawkins: 

Vital communication equipment has been upgraded and installed at the Howe Island Station to serve both Howe Island and Wolfe Island Fire & Rescue Services. The Howe Island site was chosen as the site can be accessed 24 hrs per day should there be technical issues.  This equipment is the primary method to notify firefighters of emergencies across Frontenac Islands.

Authorized funds for Fire Department to install Stationary Generator $23,766 plus HST for if there was a power outage it would ensure communication lines would still be open and heat and lights for building would stay on.

Bonus was passed for Full time $100 and part time $50 employees as well as closure of admin offices over Christmas Dec 24,25,28,31, and Jan 1st 2021

Funding was passed for Howe Island Garden Buds in the amount of $1,000 for 2021 and a Thank you for their support

End of council highlights  HIRA     Howe Island Ratepayers Association

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