HIRA Briefing Note - Dec. 2017
Date: Wednesday, December 13, 2017 @ 11:04:34 EST
Topic: Announcements


This is a brief report to HIRA members on two Township Council Meetings which took place on December 11 2017 at the Township Offices on Howe. Only matters with particular relevance to Howe Island are highlighted here.

Council Pre-Budget Meeting at 2:00pm-

  1. Pre-budget discussion centered on what is hoped will be accomplished this year and next.
  2. Trail benches were identified for installation this year but will be postponed until next year.
  3. Signage made with composite material will be installed to replace some existing Island identification signs.
  4. The deck rebuild for the Foot Ferry is moving forward with the MTO taking the lead on the tendering process. The MTO has said no to extending the length of the Foot Ferry due to engineering concerns and capacity. Timing is targeted for March-April 2018. Ramp work will be done by Township employees with assistance from the MTO.
  5. Deputy Mayor Nossal has suggested setting up an internal working group of Township and County representatives to review the ferry fee structure.
  6. Spithead road work is to move forward in two phases with the first part for ditching and drainage and the second for road reconstruction. A separate meeting with the Spithead group is to be held to set out next steps.
  7. Recreational enhancements are under consideration for the ball diamond. The Road Runners organization which has held some events on Howe has some funds to contribute to these enhancements including for basketball, tennis and pickle ball.
  8. Policy work is to be undertaken regarding septic and water systems in case any large scale development is proposed on Howe.
  9. The HIRA ferry camera proposal was raised. It was met with a positive response but nothing definitive at this point.

Regular Council Meeting at 6:30 pm-

  1. During a discussion of a severance application, Council reiterated its policy to secure a 33 from centre road allowance for the applicant where the property abuts the Township road.
  2. The St Philomena Church property has been re-designated rural from agricultural to allow future severance of the church lands.
  3. Council indicated it is reviewing the recent slowdown in the speed of the County ferry since its return from its four year inspection.
  4. A review is underway regarding school bus scheduling.
  5. It was noted that while the Township set ferry fees for this year, the County set different fees. Council will review.

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